Skin and your diet

6 Aug

Severe diets that skimp on calories and on one or more nutrients are detrimental to your skin, and so are eating habits that include plenty of complexion-spoiling fast food. Heres a rundown of common nutrient deficiencies and how they affect your complexion:

A lack of protein can lead to a dull, dry complexion and poor wound-healing.

A shortage of iron can result in a pale complexion.

A lack of vitamin A can produce dry skin or unexplained breakouts.

A deficiency in vitamin B Complex can result in cracks at the corners of the mouth, unexplained breakouts, impaired wound-healing, and pallor.

A lack of vitamin C can cause poor wound-healing, dullness, and easy bruising.

A shortage of vitamin E can lead to poor wound-healing and dry skin.

A lack of vitamin K can result in weak, broken, or distended facial capillaries.


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