Skin Care and Injectables

30 Aug

Injectables such as collagen and fat can make fine lines or wrinkles disappear and plump up lips, cheeks and chins to give a more youthful appearance. However, these treatments can be dangerous and, even if you have no adverse reaction, may need to be repeated in just a few short weeks.

A better alternative for reducing wrinkles may be an effective dry skin care treatment such as a shielding lotion. Which option should you choose? It largely depends on the cause of the wrinkles – degeneration of the skin’s structure or simple damage from dry skin. The collagen and elastin structure or a reduced fat content caused by extreme weight loss can result in wrinkles, but, as often as not, they are caused by a breakdown in the natural protective coating that prevents moisture loss and dry skin. This in itself can cause wrinkles, but, as the coating breaks down and opens the door to chemicals, pollutants and harsh weather, the wrinkling process is greatly accelerated.

If you spend time in the sun or blustering cold, wear make-up, use soaps, lotions or moisturizers that contain any sort of chemical, or if your skin simply feels dry, chances are your fine lines and wrinkles would benefit from using a shielding lotion. Also, you’re addressing the root of the problem, instead of just getting a quick fix.

A good shielding lotion treats and prevents dry skin by bonding with the outer layer to form a protective layer. This locks in the skin’s natural moisture, protects it against damage from chemicals, sun and harsh weather and allows it to heal. If you decide on collagen injections, you first need to ensure that they are safe for you. Your doctor will usually inject a small amount in a test site and watch it for adverse reactions for three to four weeks.

If there is no redness, swelling, itching or other reaction during that time then you are probably safe. How long it will last is anybody’s guess. Eventually the collagen is metabolized into the rest of the body — it may take weeks or months. If in doubt, try the natural skin care route first. A good dry skin treatment is safer and less expensive than injections, and it may be all you really need.

Author, Gloria MacTaggart


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