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More about Laser Lipo

10 Feb

We are having great success with our Lipo Laser clients. Regular updates on progress can be seen on our Face Book page, but also check out the before and after pictures below, after just several treatments.





Read more about how Lipo Laser works on our Lipo Laser webpage.


Consider Red and Blue Light Therapy

23 Oct

In today’s market, professionals and consumers are quickly recognizing the amazing benefits of non-invasive LED light therapy.

This affordable method of rejuvenation with red light therapy and blue light therapy effectively re-energizes aging and damaged skin by stimulating the cellular renewal response from deep within the tissue to repair and renew tired damaged cells and stimulate the rejuvenation process that takes place to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin.

Compared with other procedures for skin rejuvenation, LED light therapy is an especially attractive skin care alternative – from acne treatments to cellulite reduction. The therapy offers:

  • No- pain or discomfort
  • No- down time
  • No- negative side effects
  • No- surgery
  • No- thermal damage
  • No- scarring or discoloration

Ask Ruth how Red and Blue light therapy can help you. Check out our pricing and our other skin care services here.

Beauty Survival Kit

3 Sep

Put these items in a small makeup bag in your purse so you always have them handy.If you have to pull an unexpected all nighter you will at least have the essential supplies.

  • Clear lip gloss or chap stick for soft kissable lips
  • Dental floss and a toothpick. There’s nothing more embarrassing than meeting the man of your dreams with spinach between your teeth!
  • Mini mouth wash. Garlic or coffee breath can be rinsed away before that job interview.
  • Perfume sample – so you can freshen up any time. Remember scent is the strongest memory trigger!
  • Mini hairspray. Never have a bad hair day!
  • Visine and coverup stick – not only gets the red out of tired eyes but can also tone down an angry red blemish enough to conceal it with a dab of coverup.
  • Kleenex – great for blotting lips and face to remove that four o’clock shine. Also you never know when allergies may hit.
  • Mini-lotion for those dry hands or flaky legs.
  • Clear nail polish to fix any runs or snags you may get in your hose. (It’s a good idea to keep an extra pair of hose in your car, just in case)
  • Travel size toothbrush and paste.
  • Mini sewing kit with safety pins. Be prepared for that loose button or a snag on your skirt!
  • Tampon or mini pad – just in case.
  • Bronzing powder. It can be used as blush or eyeshadow and even under clear gloss on your lips.
  • Mascara – in the event of a tear jerker movie.
  • Mini deodorant. Keep dry and fresh in any crisis.