Fashion Consulting

Image is the convergence of style, beauty, attitude, and fashion.

Ruth Holmgren and Noelle Hill are available to help you discover the expressions of yourself you want to share with others.

What “looks” do you want? Smart? Elegant? Powerful? Natural? Sexy?

Do you want to be flamboyant or subtle? How much fun do you want to have with your image?

Our services include an assessment of your image goals, with a focus on fashion. We can help you review your current wardrobe and develop a plan based on your aspirations and your budget. We can shop with you, for you, or recommend where to go. It’s all up to you.

Dress to showcase your best assets, but remember that often being subtle is the best strategy: let a pair of shoes call attention to your legs as opposed to overdoing a short dress. Sometimes something off the shoulder is sexier than cleavage. Do the unexpected with a splash of colour or funky necklace as counterpoint to an elegant black dress.

The goal is not to draw attention to yourself, but rather let your attention to style and grace naturally produce the results you want.

Image & Fashion Consulting is charged out by the hour or in half day or full day packages.

Full Day Package (7 hours)
We begin at your place, with a discussion about your goals. We will bring some fruit and scones if you provide the coffee! Then we review your entire wardrobe. This will involve you trying clothes on. We will decide together what works and what does not enhance your beauty and desired style. Our time together includes reviewing your clothing, shoes, purses, hats, scarves, jewlery, and if you wish lingerie. Finally, we make a plan and go shopping.

Half Day Package (4 hours)
We meet at an agreed upon place for coffee and talk about your goals. This package does not include a wardrobe review. Rather we focus on what your needs and aspirations are and then go shopping!

We also provide consultation about your hair (cut and colour), and Ruth Holmgren can help you with your make-up, and with your skin care.


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