Weddings & Events


There are those times when you have to look your best. Your wedding or being a part of wedding is one of those times.  Ruth Holmgren is an airbrush make-up expert and can do airbrush for brides and their bridesmaids at her studio or onsite at your location.

Airbrush make-up lasts for up to 12 hours and is perfect for those photographs you want to take. The coverage is smooth, silky and will effectively hide blemishes, scars and those lines you worry about.

Off Whyte’S studio is in the heart of Little Italy on the corner of a quiet street in the historic Church Street area.  If you are looking for updo’s and air brush makeup, call Ruth at 780 988 8845 about getting that all set up in one place.


Our studio is available for small special events. Here are a few ideas.

Whyte Avenue Girls Night Out
Come on over with your girl friends and get pampered and dolled up before you go clubbing or out to your favorite restaurant.  Ruth will do your make-up (airbrush or regular make-up), but you can also get a manicure or pedicure, get a paraffin wax hand treatment, or get some waxing done.  In nice weather, we can hang out in our lovely back yard.

A Whole Day Escape
You can get day long services at most spas but how many of them close their doors just for you or for you and a friend. We can custom design a day at the spa for you, bring in lunch, take little breaks on the patio and just spend the day pampering and rejuvenating.

Princess Parties If you are looking for an alternative birthday party for your daughter, we can offer a range of age-appropriate services that she and her friends will love. We can work with you to set up all the details – cake, party favors, refreshments and so on.

Your Custom Event
Maybe you have an idea about an event you would like to hold at Off Whyte. Let us know. Call Ruth at 780 988 8845.


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